KEENSERTS - Solid Inserts

KEENSERT® - provides high strength threads and reliability in various materials.


  • Significantly increases load capability in weaker materials.
  • Special keys lock the Keensert into place, eliminating rotation.
  • Easy to install - no special taps required and no tangs to remove.
  • Defect threads can be renewed with same nominal diameter.
Standard Keensert

Standard Keensert

  • Used in applications which require a strong, permanent metal thread in soft materials such as aluminum.
  • Typically used in applications such as; aluminium gear box, aluminum frame, armunition (tank), door frames on trains made from aluminium.
Standard Keensert

Locking Keensert

  • Used in applications which require a locking torque for the screw.
  • Typically used in applications that are prone to certain levels of vibration which request additional safety.
Stud Keensert

Stud Keensert

  • Typically used in applications for aerospace and military.
Blind Keensert

Blind Keensert

  • Used in applications which require isolation of the screw from other assembly elements of the application. Will ensure that dust and other foreign objects will not contaminate the assembly part.
  • Typically used in applications such as electronic circuitry.

Installation Information:

Each tool has notches where the protruding insert kees fit so as to enable effective winding in of the Keensert. Once the Keensert is fully wound in, the installation tool can be pulled back and turned 45 degrees, so the kees are situated between the notches, and driven down through the threads of the parent material, mechanically locking it into place.

Drilling and tapping can be done without any specialist equipment, just standard drills and taps.

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